Campervan Fabric Sewing Machine Cover Pattern: PDF download. Vintage style.
Campervan Fabric Sewing Machine Cover Pattern: PDF download. Vintage style.
Campervan Fabric Sewing Machine Cover Pattern: PDF download. Vintage style.
Campervan Fabric Sewing Machine Cover Pattern: PDF download. Vintage style.
Campervan Fabric Sewing Machine Cover Pattern: PDF download. Vintage style.

Campervan Fabric Sewing Machine Cover Pattern: PDF download. Vintage style.


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Vintage Campervan sewing Machine Cover /Dust Cover Sewing Pattern and Instructions. (PDF files).
DIY fabric campervan sewing machine cover.

Sew your own beautiful fabric vintage campervan sewing machine cover /dust cover for your sewing machine. Instantly download all files you need to make it the size you want in the fabric you want.

Finished size - 51 cm long, 33 cm high and 23 cm wide (20 inches long, 13 inches high and 9 inches wide). You can alter the measurements very easily using an Excel spreadsheet (you just enter your desired sewing machine cover size and the spreadsheet will update with the different sizes for each step, in centimetres and inches).

What you get - you are not receiving a physical copy of the pattern and instructions, nor a physical copy of the actual sewing machine cover. You will receive 3 PDF files for you to download and print at home: one PDF file with the instructions, a PDF file with the pattern piece templates and another Excel spreadsheet allowing you to work out the sizing of the pattern pieces if your sewing machine cover measurements need to be altered. Before you print off the PDF with the pattern piece templates, please read the instructions first. You will receive everything that you need to enable you to know how to create your own sewing machine cover.  

Details of instructions - The instructions comprise over 40 pages, which are split into sections and numbered, in plain English, no jargon and many photographs to help you. The pattern pieces are included in a further PDF of 5 pages. When you print please choose "scaling none" or "100% scale". I have updated the pattern instructions to include inches as well as cm. I have also added information on an option to simplify the windows and curtains.

Skills required - Basic machine sewing, a bit of quilting and appliqué. I explain everything in detail, so you don't need to have experience of these techniques previously.

You Will Need:

• Regular Sewing Machine
• Sewing Thread
• Pins
• Needle
• Dressmaking Scissors
• Paper Scissors
• Vanishing ink pen
• 3 sheets of A4 card
• Iron
• Ruler
• Tracing paper/greaseproof paper
• Tape measure
• Sewing machine walking foot (useful but not essential)
• Cutting Mat and rotor cutter (optional)

Fabric Requirements:
1) Lining fabric - 1 m /1 yard
2) Top Half Fabric* (which makes up the roof and upper part of the campervan) – half a metre/ 3/4 yard.
3) Bottom Half Fabric (which makes up the bottom sides, front and back of the campervan) – half a metre/half yard.
4) Window Fabric – fat quarter or 1/4 of a metre/yard of cotton fabric.
5) Curtain Fabric – half a fat quarter.
6) Front badge fabrics- tiny bits for template pieces O and K.
7) Wheel cover fabric – fat quarter.
8) Fabric for heart on wheel cover - a tiny bit.
9) Foam sew in interfacing/ stabiliser (e.g. Vilene Style-Vil foam interfacing) - 1.25 m x 73 cm wide or *1m/ 1 yard x 58” wide.
10) Bottom Background Fabric – 1/4 a metre / yard of grey or black fabric.
11) White felt (for bumpers) 40 cm x 5 cm. If your window fabric is light and needs lining you will need 75 cm x 25 cm or 45 cm x 50 cm white felt in total.
12) Black felt for wheels – 3 A4 sheets.
13) Grey felt for wheel hubs – 1 x A4 sheet.
14) Double sided iron on fusible webbing /Fuse a web - 50 cm x 25 cm. If you choose the easier way to make the windows and curtains, you will need 50cm x 50cm instead.
15) Buttons: 4 small buttons for door handles; 2 large buttons for front headlight; 2 small buttons for front sidelights.

I sell a kit to make the sewing machine cover, which includes many of the products required. It is priced 10% cheaper than purchasing everything separately.

Plus, when you purchase this product, you will get 15% off up to 3 quilting cottons when purchased at the same time. This is an automatic discount which will be applied at checkout.

These instructions have been checked over by myself extensively, and tested. If you get into any problems with any of the instructions, please feel free to email me and I will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours to help you.

I would really appreciate your feedback please, so please leave a review or email me your comments and suggestions. I would also love to see a photo of the finished cover!

Usage - This Pattern (which includes accompanying text or pictures)
ust not be distributed or reproduced without my permission. Items produced using this pattern may not be mass produced. You may sell the items that you personally make using this pattern, though please give design credit to Maria Hancock at:



Love this little Santa. The kit has everything you need, even the stuffing! Quick delivery too Thank you

Nikki K

I made bunting with the fabric and it turned out great!


Excellent purchase, seller responded super quickly to my messages and was very helpful.


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